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According to 2017 UK business demography statistics by the Office of National Statistics, 357,000 UK business died in 2017 compared to 288,000 in 2016. This represents a 12.2% death rate. One way to ensure your business survives is creating a website and doing digital marketing to ensure the website brings visitors to your online and/or offline store and that the numbers convert to sales.


For your Richmond site to rank high in search engine results pages, it has to be professionally designed. The theme and look of your website say a lot about your brand. The web design should be responsive as this ensures you do not create separate websites for desktop and mobile users.


Share your expertise in your field so you come out as an expert in your niche. Use your content to answer common queries by your customers. As an example, you could create content that explains how a product you are selling works.


The content should be interesting and the headlines tantalizing so that visitors want to interact with your site more. There should be a clear call to action (CTA) so visitors are not confused should they want to make a purchase.


Include reviews and testimonials on your site. Most Richmond residents today rely on reviews and testimonials to help them make purchasing decisions.


The loading speed should be fast. Today’s web users are impatient and they will not take anything less than lightning speed. Fast loading speed is also an important ranking factor.


Although human beings are visual creatures and graphics help in conveying your message, limit the amount of graphics you use as this has an impact on loading speeds. When creating your HTML code, provide the dimensions of the graphics so that browsers don’t need to determine this.


At London Local, we have a comprehensive digital marketing package that gives you all this and more. The services range from web design to web hosting, from social media management to reputation management and from SEO to PPC.